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  1. The Sims 3

  2. The Sims 3

    Keeping it clean...
  3. The Sims 3

    Study group...
  4. The Sims 3

    Homework with a classmate...
  5. eheheh !! my boss too, always asks me to lend a hand with his job !
  6. Oooh, really ?? Now i understand why my boss is always asking for foot notes !! he probably is quite disappointed then... none of us girls ever did it that way !! now that i know how to do it appropriately, i think i'll make him happy next time !!
  7. eheheh... yes, i suppose i should have ancient Romans said "carpe diem" (literally "take the day") that means, if you have an opportunity you should catch it now because tomorrow might be too late anyway, no problem... i'm sure you'll come out with something else first or later !
  8. you're always the same alien pervert RC... well, in the meanwhile you can have these
  9. the same think i was thinking too !! if at least 1 every 50 would, we'd have same 300 people talking instead of the usual dozen (being optimistic)
  10. that was yesterday now there are 50 more
  11. so it seems that EA finally learned something
  12. Question : do high heels in TS4 work like in TS3 and TS2 ?? That is, they don't actually make you taller since the game shortens your legs when you wear them ??
  13. sims 4

    Yup ! you got it i even tried FO New Vegas because of Kendo2's Mods
  14. Heard they're reforming the Dawnguards, vampire hunters or something... Might consider joining up myself... mmmmm... naaaa !! not really happening
  15. sims 4

    so i understood correctly that's annoying... TS2 was so, and i kept finding clothes that i liked but in colors i disliked (such as red and purple). but TS2 provided Bodyshop that you could use to modify your clothes, skins, hair, etc... so i learned to use it in order to have the clothes the color i liked them then came TS3, with the new feature of changing colors and styles as you liked... and that was fantastic ! any time you used clothing or objects you could change their look!! that's something i really like in TS3, plus of course the many great mods that have been done in the years
  16. sims 4

    it's not for the money 1st, there aren't yet enough mods for TS4 2nd, if i've understood correctly, TS4 misses some of the feature i like the most in TS3, such as the possibility to personalize clothing and objects changing colors and styles... so, for example, Kendo2 wouldn't need to create several fishnet of different colors, he would just create 1, let's say black, then whoever uses it can change it to any color the moment (s)he uses it... that reduces the number of mods you have, makes the possible combinations nearly infinite, and avoids the risk of finding something i like but made in a color i hate
  17. sims 4

    pity never mind, thanks for answering
  18. sims 4

    i like all your creations for TS4... unfortunately i don't have it, i'm still playing TS3 thou... so, i was wondering if you created anything for TS3 and if so, where might i found them (in case you published them somewhere) thanks
  19. well, this is reassuring 2017 would have been a bad year if it stated with the menace of losing something i like that much !
  20. and nobody created a thread for that ?? well... we will soon have to think about the 20.000 members celebration (servers and similar problems allowing)...
  21. in fact i wasn't getting upset at all, just making a consideration yeah... the site is full with people older, more experienced and smarter then me would be nice hearing some more opinions and suggestions of course would be only for personal pride... like being a Thane, a honorary title mainly... but the guards (=moderators) could look the other way if you misbehave (but only once, like in Skyrim ) yes ! always money problems !! why providers can't simply accept a "thank you" ?!? they should be proud and honored of hosting such a site like NSFWmods !!
  22. don't worry, no problem i suspected that it was just a misunderstanding... after all, you are stressed and english isn't my own language... so probably none of us was at his best... i really hope you can come up with a solution somehow... i really like the site and would be sad if it had to be closed
  23. as i told, i do understand that... and i wasn't saying you don't have to do the patreon thing... and if people that contributes gets some kind of benefits, such as particular titles, the right of being addressed "your highness", being considered noble members while the others are peasant members, or whatever you see fit, it's OK... only if the amount of support you get and the kind of mods you can download depends on how much you paid, as RC seemed to suggest, i don't think the site could be considered "for ever free"... that's all... just a kind of "definition issue"
  24. mmm.... i only in part agree with RC... sorry i can understand the need of DZ for support and i can also understand that giving some kind of "reward" for the supporters might motivate someone... Ad free, special ranks, special forums... that's all OK in my opinion... but if you start having to pay for better assistance and full access to mods... well, then you can't actually keep calling NSFWmods a free site... at least that's the way i see it
  25. well, regarding myself... besides joining NSFWmods as everybody here... i finally moved and went to live by myself eventually getting rid of my father, his rules, his hatred for anything i did, and all that stuff !! this (probably) won't change history but certainly changed my life !!