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UNPB Skyrim Fishnet Armor Release 2


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UNPB Skyrim Fishnet Armor Release 2

This is part two of the incomplete Skyrim Fishnet Armor Collection. The is file contains feet, hand, and body fishnet armor in five colors.


How to obtain:
Use the following console commands:

  • Heels (Black) - player.additem XX00183C 1
  • Top (Black) - player.additem XX00183D 1
  • Gloves (Black) - player.additem XX00183E 1
  • Heels (Blue) - player.additem XX001849 1
  • Top (Blue) - player.additem XX00184A 1
  • Gloves (Blue) - player.additem XX00184B 1
  • Heels (Red) - player.additem XX00184C 1
  • Top (Red) - player.additem XX00184C 1
  • Gloves (Red) - player.additem XX00184E 1
  • Heels (Turquoise) - player.additem XX000D63 1
  • Top (Turquoise) - player.additem XX000D64 1
  • Gloves (Turquoise) - player.additem XX000D67 1
  • Heels (White) - player.additem XX001834 1
  • Top (White) - player.additem XX0012CF 1
  • Gloves (White) - player.additem XX001836 1

At a blacksmith Forge:

  • Top - 50 Leather Strips
  • Gloves - 20 Leather Strips
  • Heels - 2 Leather, 20 Leather Strips

In the high heels I used Leito86's version of FemFeet with the feet armor, so special thanks to him and in the gloves I used Bethesda female hand mesh.


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Hey, can I please request a bodyslide conversion? ^_^ This looks great, but I love using bodyslide for lots of things. You seemed to use bodyslide or Outfit studio to create it, given the credits. I love fishnet outfits so much! CBBE bodyslide, or UUNP Bodyslide, whatever is possible (though I would prefer CBBE Bodyslide)

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