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UUNP Katwoman Armor

This is a UUNP conversion of the original Katwoman light armor for UNPB. This conversion features some minor texture and inventory object improvements as well as a new Katwoman Collar.

How to obtain:

The armor can be crafted at a blacksmith Forge or you can use the console command "help Katwoman 0" to locate the ids.


Halofarm - for Pinup Poser. (The poses I use in the images)
Ousnius and Caliente - For BodySlide and Outfit Studio.
Besthesda - The maker of Skyrim and the Creation Kit



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Hi Doublezero,

I'm having an issue with the Katwoman suit (suit1_1). It builds and displays correctly using my character preset in BodySilide and OutfitStudio, however in game the UUNP reference shape is shown when equipped.

All other items including Katwoman suit full (Suit2_1) work correctly in game with my bodyslide preset/modifications. I have also tried manually importing reference shape and it doesn't make a difference.

Any ideas as to the cause.







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17 hours ago, Doublezero said:

I updated the file. For some weird reason the bsa didn't have the dds file for the collar. Not sure how I screwed that up.

Others have done worse... far worse.. ;)

Creating a complex mod like you do from scratch, you are fully forgiven for these little mistakes :D Keep up the great work!

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