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There have been those around here that have asked how to create signatures. I will cover how to here. First you need to look up to the top right of the page and find your name. Click on your name and a drop-down menu will be visible. Select the "Account Settings" option. Now you will see a "Setting" page. Select the "Signature" option... duh...

Signature Panel.JPG

Do whatever editing you desire be it links, text, or even photos. The panel works like the regular panel on the forum. You can use the BBC codes to control where on the signature the photos, text and such occur. It also appears that the top tool bar works to do this as well. Basically if you can do it in the regular forum you can do it here. Keep in mind we at NSFWmods respect your creativity and allow maximum flexibility to express yourselves to fellow members, however please show respect with the content and particularly the size of the photos in your signatures. (and for some text). You have all the tools of the editor at your disposal, use it as needed to provide a nice clean signature respectful of other users of this site. I believe a good general rule of thumb is to follow some of the other sites like ours that have rules related to the signature sizes and content. You should be safe with those.

Below are some examples.


url 100x450.jpg


url 200x900.jpg


If there are any questions on the sizing of the signatures please post these on the NSFWMods rules discussion and let one of the staff help you make a judgment call.

Please don't make fellow members have to scroll through massive signatures to get to the content they want, but most of all please don't make us treat you like a child and create a rule for the size of signatures.

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