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Since I love both this & loverslab communities do you guys think I should hide my taste in gaming,anime & manga especially from any of my friends & any of my family including my parents

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Sorry for asking ahead a silly stupid dumb question & there will be people eventually start asking me wtf,what the,what the hell or what am I playing when I'm playing any of my games especially any of my favorite games & any of my all time favorite games both with & without mods lol yes I'm including both NSFW mods including adult mods,patches,decensor patches,English patches & fan translated English patches including nude mods & sfw mods. Yes there are some if not most people might not or don't reconized the games any of us are playing especially when & when & if any of us otakus,weebs,gamers,final fantasy fan/huge fans & hentai fans ever do use mods on any of our games,any of our favorite games & any of our all time favorite games.

So in a way I'm asking ahead of time you guys your opinions about our taste in gaming,anime & manga especially since the mainstream,the mainstream media,Anita Sarkseon,Puritans,normies,SJWs/npcs & feminists don't even know about this & loverslab of our communities yet luckily & Nexis is already starting to do more censorships including modding communities censorship as a heads up if any of you guys heard about Trials of mana :).

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Your choice.  I personally know of many people ... eventually, come out with mentioning some of the mods found on both sites. In RL... There might be many more people you don't realize that are interested or even use these mods.  Next to Nexus.. . I believe Loverslab is the next largest ... most active mod community .. at least as far as I know. 

you can ask all the silly and stupid questions you want on this site.  However, you might not get answers to them ;) lol. 

I however wouldn't publicly and aggressively advertise use of Lovers Lab mods to everybody you meet... Reserve that (and adult materials in general be it modding, videos, or even lifestyle choices) to those that have hinted at or shown a tendency towards such things.

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It all depends how you are about it. Some people don't care, while others do. I'm in the middle, but I don't go and flaunt my...abnormal tastes/fetishes. I'm not family orientated. I'm like the black sheep in the family, so that's a win for me. I can tell you right now, that I would prefer it if people I do know in real life to not know they share the same taste/fetishes, and they not know me. I like to keep my life pretty private IRL and don't like to butt in on others people's lives I know. So for me it's pretty easy. I don't mention to anyone IRL about mods and nude mods. I'll let them figure it out for themselves like I did. What I do with these types of interests is strictly my business.

Now as far as mainstream figure heads, they don't know me and I really don't care if they wanted to use my username in their article and call me a bad person for the things I enjoy. The internet is the internet and not who I am in real life, sorta. That SJW cackling hag feminist is fully aware of LL and has made an article about it, I believe back in 2012. Most people over at LL has the same attitude we have here. The 'we can give two fucks what they think of the site and us' attitude. When you carry that mindset, nothing people say about you or the things you enjoy bothers you. So, if you are concerned of others seeing it, keep it on the low, low and don't let anyone have access to your things. Including your P.C.

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