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Maid Texture Mod Resource

Game Goblin

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Maid Texture Mod Resource

A resource for modders... And a stand alone texture replacer for players!

Everyone wins!

To use this as a texture replacer, (you don't need to be a modder to do this) there are three possibilities; the chef, the barkeeper, and the barkeeper variant.

All you need to do is follow file paths:
For the chef, go to Data\textures\clothes\chef\f and the vanilla texture is named chef. If it is present, right click it and make a backup copy. You can then copy/paste the Maid texture to that folder and rename it chef. It is now a replacer.
For the barkeep, go to Data\textures\clothes\barkeeper\f and repeat the process above. The vanilla files names are barkeepfemaleoutfit and barkeepfemaleoutfitvariant. BE SURE to make back ups of the original files so you will have them later if you want to revert back.


The texture is raw and uncompressed and can easily be edited without resulting in tiling or artifacts after you compress it. If you wish to use it in your mods, be sure to credit me if you use it. That's it - yup freebie! Free to use in your mods, just give credit, easy huh!

One caveat though... I prefer to see it exclusive to Lovers Labs or to its' new home: NSFWmods... And not on the Nexus. Other than that, do with it as you like.

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