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Kendo 2's Bubblegum for Type3

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Kendo 2's Bubblegum for Type3

Colorful stripper or porn chick-style stuff with naked body suits and addon apparel.

This is actually an updated New Vegas version of the original FO3 mod 'Bubblegum'.  All of the meshes have been reworked and refitted to the Cali Boobs Type3 body.  There are new clothing items and accessories and matching manicured nails.

The 'Bubblegum Elevators' outfit is a naked body suit with elevator high heels, bracelets and manicured nails.  'Bubblegum Nude' outfit is a naked body with manicured nails, cuz sometimes you just gotta be really naked.

The following items are equip-able addons that can be worn with either body suit.

  • 2 tops (one with the purse and one without)
  • 1 mini skirt
  • 1 pair of hot pants
  • 1 bikini bra
  • 1 bikini panty
  • 1 necklace
  • 1 pair of hoop earrings
  • 1 navel piercing
  • 1 pair Raybans sunglasses

The addon body slots used are:

  • Slot #1 Bras and Tops
  • Slot #2 Navel Piercings
  • Slot #3 Panties, Skirts and Shorts

Type3 compatible meshes and textures.  If you like the Cali Boobs body mesh used in this mod it is available HERE.  Feel free to check out my custom Type3 texture pack HERE.

Drop the download contents into your data folder and play.  The game will do the rest.

coc K2BGCell to get the items.  They are in the four steamer trunks in front of you.  The trunks respawn every three game days.  FastTravel to any vanilla game location to exit the cell.

dimon99 for Type3, Alex3474 for the top and mini skirt meshes.  Backsteppo for the bra, panty and shoe meshes.  eeronel55 for the nails and hands meshes.  Kendo 2 for everything else.

The Cali Boobs Type3 body meshes are resource materials.  The balance of the mod's content is not resource material.



If you use my meshes your own mods you must credit dimon99 and Kendo 2.  You are not allowed repackage the mod in its entirety and present it as your own work.
You are not allowed to convert any of my content for use with the Type6 body or any derivatives thereof.
You are not allowed to convert my content for use with Fallout 4.
You are not allowed to upload my content to Bethesda.net (or their third party designees) or Steam Workshop.
You are not allowed to use any of my content for the purposes of monetized modding.
You have no claim or right to the content other than what is described in the Permissions and Terms of this document.


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