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Kendo 2

Kendo's Breeze Male Redux for NV and FO3

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I've been working on a reset for Breeze Males on and off for almost as long as New Vegas has been out.  I never liked the compatibility with Roberts Fallout body and since the FavoredSoul version came out there is no reason to hold on to version 3 of Breeze Males.  To me, it serves no purpose and since I play male characters I've finally decided to fix things.  If you are a Breeze Male user I think you will like what I've done.

What I've done so far is rework the old Breeze Male version 1.2 meshes and textures, combining them vanilla male and (believe it or not) vanilla male child assets.  The new meshes I have are made specifically to work with VANILLA male clothing and armor meshes.  Pointless replacers will be a thing of the past and what I'm making will work with all of the DLCs from both FO3 and New Vegas.  There will be a few replacers, but only for those meshes that show the feet.  This will remove about 25MB from your file folders, and that is a good thing.

As far as the meshes go they have been 100% reworked and rerigged.  The notorious Fallout neck and wrists seams have somewhat been dealt with; they have been substantially reduced but there no way to totally remove them.  For textures I have relied heavily on the vanilla ones, tweaking and adding as needed to get the results I want.

Here are some screenshots of what's going on so far with both meshes and textures.









The upcoming mod is still very much a WIP but things are moving along nicely.  The only thing left to do really is reworking a few armor and clothing meshes that show the feet and making a new Sexout body suit that will work with Arma72's animations.  I still need to make a new normal for the FO3 Pitt diseased humans and maybe a New Vegas esp for a Marked Man work around, but that's about it.


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I have all of the DLC races covered now for both FO3 and NV.  Just finished them off tonight. ^_^




There are probably less than ten vanilla clothing/armor meshes that need to be worked on; nipples, feet, etc.  Once those are done this thing will be ready for packaging and upload. :D

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      K2 BREEZE REDUX Base Files: the base files for both FO3 and NV.  This includes base textures for raiders, ghouls, and the playable race humans.  There are a few armor replacers, but only to fix what is needed.
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      Breeze582000 for Breeze Males, Kendo 2 for everything else.
      Feel free to use the mod’s content in your own work.  The contents of this mod are subject to the additional terms below.
      Kendo 2's_Sexy Leather_BreezeMaleRedux_Fix.rar.  Original mod LINK.
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