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Kendo2's Alice in Wunderland Outfits


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Kendo2's Alice in Wunderland Outfits

What is it?
- A conversion of Alice in Wunderland Outfits by Kendo 2 to the UNP Jiggle body of Skyrim. The original outfits were made by Kendo 2 for his Fallout: New Vegas comic (which I definitely recommend checking out), and were never released. I have had his permission to convert these outfits for a while but didn't have the time to finish until now.

- Contains 2 outfits: Heart and Diamond.
- Weight slider supported.

How to install?
- Extract .rar file, and copy everything into Data\
- Or use a mod manager, much easier.


How to uninstall?
- Delete the following:
Data\meshes\K2\Sex Toys
Data\textures\ K2\Sex Toys
K2 Alice in Wunderland Outfits.esp


How to get?
- AddItemMenu mod.
- Or console “help K2."


- XMPSE 3.0+ Skeleton.

- NIOverride 3.4.4+ for the boots.

Kendo 2 for the original work in Fallout: New Vegas (and the awesome comic :P).
Kendo 2 (again) for the UNP Jiggle body meshes.

bananbro for the glove meshes.
Nightasy for the awesome tutorials.


No CBBE conversion at all. Kendo 2 reserves the right to report any Bodyslide conversion made from his assets in this package.

If you find anything wrong with the outfits, feel free to message me on here or Loverslab. Thank you!


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