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Standalone follower won't use her own skin texture


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Hello everybody !

I'm humbly asking for some piece of advise because I have an issue about my standalone follower mod.

Everything is fine, I thought I would be at long last able to release her, but there one tiny but very annoying problem. So I can't even upload her T_T.

I gave to my follower her own skin texture, that I added through CK by making her own skintexture set, which I added to her own skinnaked armoraddon, and even remade all the right texture paths via nifskope. I did exactly what the tutorials told me and everything is supposed to be in order.

Still, the standalone follower uses exactly the same skin texture as my player character rather than the one I gave her. If I change my character's skin, she uses the new skin, etc...

I tried changing the load order to put her higher on the list (not on the highest though, maybe I should put her right under the .esm files ?), but it didn't change anything.

I have seen on another topic in Loverslab that somebody had the same problem because of a mod conflict with GUK's muscular skin. But I don't use it.

Does somebody has any idea how I can fix this ? Any opinion and advice are welcome !

As a reference, here is what her skin should look like. It's Real Girls texture :

28856882670_4c560300b5_c.jpgA little advice ? by Thani Derstal, sur Flickr


And here is the problem, Here my character (on the right, without wings) uses Pride of Valhalla skin, and the follower uses exactly the same :

29537502792_be8476c7d0_c.jpgenb 2016_09_13 14_09_21_13 by Thani Derstal, sur Flickr

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Hey dada, I forgot to respond to that question in PM. In previous versions she was using the same texture as the player. I'll take a look at it and see what's going on. I was pretty busy today but I think I know what it is.

Okay, as I suspected because this has happened to me before. In Urielle's NPC window, in the drop down selection for Skin (below Race) select 0_SkinNakedUrielle. When nothing is selected it directs the NPC to share the same skin texture for every other NPC of that race and gender. For example: If you look at other NPCs like Argonians, they'll also have no selection but they don't share the same textures as Nords, Imperials or even Khajiits. That's because it's already tied with the Race they are. And each vanilla race and even custom race created for NPCs all have their own selection to apply body textures. Since Urielle is Breton, if you don't select anything, she'll share the same skin texture as the other female Breton NPCs. There's two ways of getting away from this.

1. You can create a unique race just for her and apply her unique textures and you can ignore the Skin drop down menu because she'll use what textures her unique race is. or...

2. Apply her unique body textures in her NPC window under Skin drop down selection since she is a vanilla Breton race.

Here's a screen incase I confuse you.


As for the hair clipping through the breast, there's a few ways of fixing this. You can either do it in a 3d Modeling software like 3ds Max or Blender, or you can do this in RaceMenu under Sculpt. It may not be easy in RaceMenu but it's possible. I've never done it myself. And when it's done you would have to export the head and apply that to Urielle again replacing the current one she has. But don't take my word on this. I know it's possible for the player. I don't know if it will work for followers because I don't know if it will conflict with the hair mesh added in CK versus the hair on top of the head export since the hair mesh alone won't be affected by this. Only the head export.

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