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Dragon Age


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So for a good while now I have had Dragon Age: Inquisition in my EA profile to be playable but never have installed nor played it.  I have played and own Dragon Age: Origins, and Dragon Age 2 and all dlc for them.  I guess my question would be.  Would it possibly be more fun to replay the first two then go into Inquisition, or just jump right into Inquisition?

Also, if anyone has modded these games and have any suggestions I would like to hear them.

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I am not sure of this game. I don't have it personally. However if it is like Mass Effect, or Witcher etc where you can use previous saves it might be more fun to really develop and work on a character and then move on. Give you a chance to really play all three from the start and compare them well since you have just recently played all three in succession.  If it don't and you aren't interested in a really close comparison then play the newest one you have and have fun.. :)

Just thought.. we don't have any photos captures etc from that game here. Perhaps we can get DZ to create a gallery and you can post some awesome captures of it? If not we can just place those in the NSFWmods.com Album :)

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