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[Skyrim SE] Things to know when converting standard mods to SSE


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[Skyrim SE] Things to know when converting standard mods to SSE

The above is a post from http://afkmods.iguanadons.net/

It covers some questions and concepts of how to port over a mod from Skyrim to Skyrim SE. The author is Arthmoor. All credits for the article goes to him.

This thread is for those to review the above and if necessary post questions, updated info and experiences with porting their mods or other mods to Skyrim SE (personal ports).  Also any other info needed or useful in the porting of mods from Skyrim to Skyrim SE can be placed in this thread. Together we can quickly have the new Skyrim updated hopefully to what we had with the old one but with more access to Ram and Vram. :)

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9 hours ago, Nailos18 said:

So far I have a UNP texture mod and UNP Jiggle working fine in my SSE.  Need to rerun a lot of the textures through GIMP and update the dds and replace old for the new.  Base CBBE and UNP can work in SSE but its best if you update the textures at least.  I don't know much about Nifskope to check the body meshes but UNP Jiggle isn't having any issues in mine right now.

I only understood every 5 word you stated :P

Personally I am waiting until someone does this so I can just download it.. :drunk:

I am a lazy alien.. so very lazy..

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