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skyrim korea (韓國) girls sex 8 full voice


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skyrim korea (韓國) girls sex 8 full voice

currently there are 8 kinds of 8voice  (sexlab basic voice 8 Replacement version)

Different kinds of female voices
Change sexlab default voice later

This is the voice of a 8 woman in Korea
Their voices are real.  You can listen to various kinds of Korean.

BA RO E MAT IYA ~ = You are delicious
AH MI CHI GET SER = I'm going crazy
MICHIN SEAGYA= you are crazy
GAE SEGYYA= DOG BABY /You're a bastard.
JOAH= good
ZOM DER GIPGE= put more deep ur hotdog

You can change this in sexlab mcm voice settings
You can later change to a Korean young girl voice in the same folder

Korean little girl's  sexlab Basic voice 8voice 
You can choose from 8 versions ... Is currently ..

This is just for the fun of my skyrim
This is the voice of Korean porn video that sometimes sounds Korean in the voice

In my opinion......
An American woman becomes a tough guy when she has sex.
Japanese women become cute voice actors when they have sex
But most Korean women become crying babies when they have sex

권장모드 사운드효과음 방금 업로드------------------

dsp (Normal)SexLab Oral Cum Out Tongue Movement fantastic Sound.7z

dsp (volume up ver) SexLab Oral Cum Out Tongue Movement fantastic Sound.7z

한국에서 방문하는 사람들은 ~
이 사이트 회원가입해야 다운로드가 가능합니다 


Future plan

I will make korvoice totalpack of one single esp .... when these voices are 20 voice
It is not a sexlap basic voice I plan to make a comprehensive voice pack with separate settings

Example voice

2016-12-06  ver2-1  skyrim lovelab kor voice v-2 classic -miss kim voice






Replace 5 file updates
Korea's porn queen  voice

I hear her voice and my hot dog is full of strength.


My creations are not on other sites
Only at http://nsfwmods.com/
Do not upload to other sites, just use it yourself


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