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LS_af GymKaren Set


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LS_af GymKaren Set

LadySmoks presents... garments for your Sim Gym Karens!!!

Gym Karens are those self absorbed attention seekers who just know that EVERYONE else is checking out their butt, as they are checking out their butt in a mirror at the gym! Well, if your Sim is wearing this stuff, maybe they are!

All garments for YA/A Female Sims, found in CAS as separate top, bottom and shoes.

Bottoms are based on my Priyatna bottom mesh, and has a slightly enhanced butt with deeper crack... OY! Wedgie!!!

The top is a basegame conversion of the EA EP9 Workout top, with 3d parts and my Priyatna soft nipples. It's cold in the gym!

The leg warmers are "recycled" from JoshQ shoe parts and his custom feet. Nothing is by me. I just played with his meshes and textures!

I hope you like it!!!


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