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modding guide


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first of all: i would ask excuses for my bad english!!

second, the question: there's a guide for morroblivion and next skyrim special edition that i can follow that can cover some requisite?

in the beginning, i have subscribe because of anatriax's guide, but it seems that her's guide remaining incomplete.

so, there are some guide that can cover for both game the follow requisite:

- creatures expansion (for example waalx or MMM)

- magic expansion (for example midas and supreme magicka)

- one or two massive quest mod (like integration integrated: the stranded ligth)

- finally, sexual content and sex mod (for example LAPF)


can you help me please? i would like to run my personal final experience in both two games (three) but i can't find a decent guide that can cover all this prerequisite... please help me!!


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Sorry, I don't believe she will be active and updating that or other tutorials soon.

You will likely have to do it the "old school" way. That is trial and error until you get something awesome.

If you do, you are more than welcome to come back and post your experiences and preferences, load orders and other useful info.

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i have already successfully modded oblivion with fcom+waalx+maskar+supreme magicka +morroblivion (with all the relative fixes)... and tested it for several hours without a bug and a crash

the last thing that remain, and i hope that you can help me, it's the sexual contents...

what kind of mod i can put in game for make sexual content (sex and sexual character)?

it's the last step for make my oblivion experience the ultimate!

thanks for help

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I don't mod Oblivion and only played it a slight bit.

However the ONLY mod I know that comes close is LoversPK.


different site. LoversLab. It is a system which means you will have a shit ton of mods to install over your system to make anything work. There are some there that understand what to do to get it to work. Hopefully, you don't have too much trouble. Just keep notes on what you have done, a nice backup of all the work you have done and cross your fingers.. :P

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