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Bethesda E# 2017 Video

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"We're dong VR versions of games you already have...and you'll need to pay for them again."

"Paid mods are returning as in-game micro-transactions."

"Blah-blah-blah about games you'll never play."

That's what I got out of it, but after FO4 I really don't care what Bethesda does.

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All I see is another shit storm happening. Except this time, paid mods is here to stay. It's not a matter of Bethesda taking it down. It's just a matter of Bethesda being patience with it and letting the shit storm eventually fade away and the rise of monetizing mods. In fact, they could of gotten away with it the first time they introduced it. But with Valve out of the picture, there's nothing stopping them this time. And we all knew Beth.net was the reason for this. The moment I knew about Beth.net I instantly knew it would be a place where they can have full control without any middle man. Just about all those members on Bethesda.net are behind them all the way. Even if they disagree with Creation Club, they'll give in eventually. bethesda is good at convincing people to continue to buy their games. Even if it's through lies and deception at the end. People forgive and it's rinse and repeat.

As for the E3 show itself. Watched most of it, but the video lags. Audio keeps playing while the video itself lags. So eventually I just gave up watching the rest of it. But that's a problem that's been going on for me with YT for a while now. Not even clearing my cache fixes that. But I keep seeing people disappointed with the their E3 show. I guess it's more or less the same crap that's been stated already. I dunno. I don't follow them anymore. The only connection I still have is that I'm still playing and modding Skyrim.

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As for the E3 show itself. Watched most of it, but the video lags. Audio keeps playing while the video itself lags. So eventually I just gave up watching the rest of it.

You didn't miss much.. just them patting themselves on the back for their "creativity" on creating a "VR" version of games they already have and figuring out how to get paid mods through. This time they will try to get the best talent to their site to make $$$... and take them away from the community that is the very reason they are as big as they are now.

I seriously doubt that this will "bring in talent" to the modding scene even if it is paid. More likely it will drive more out of the modding of their games like before. I hope I am wrong on this but I seriously doubt it.

I am more on Kendo's side of the fence. I am not interested in what they are releasing and doing. It would have to be a game that totally blew me away in video streaming, reviews and such before I would even consider it. Even then, it would be on my wish list and it would wait until it was a great price (extremely low) more than not.

I never buy games new except Fallout, Mass Effect, and now CD Project games. I bought the Fallout series due to how much value I gotten out of the previous ones Fallout 3, Fallout NV etc. I waited until Skyrim was 50% off before I got it for example... Not interested in it as much as the Fallout Universe. The same goes for Mass Effect franchise. I had such fun and so much value returned on my investment I was willing to go out and get it right off the bat. We all know what happened to the latest Fallout and Mass Effect. Fallout 4, I got something out of it, not as much as I want and I hope it will continue to be developed with mods that will bring me back to have some more use of the game and Mass Effect Assdromda, well I tried to re-start it 3 times and never gotten past the third planet if I remember correctly. I just couldn't finish the game. So far that is the single game I have started, played more than an hour and never finished. I wanted to finish it. I tried to finish it, but I just couldn't stand to finish it. :( It was that bad.

I can't tell you that I'd never buy a Bethesda/EA game again... but I can tell you it won't be at full price, pre-order etc. It will be on substantial sales or have completely blown me away after serious and deep research. ... Even then I'd have to be totally board to shit and have a want to play a game but not any I currently have. (BTW I have close to 130 Steam games and about 5~8 Origin games 3 being Witcher games ;) Two of which I haven't even started yet... ;) so guess how long it will be before I get another Bethesda game :P lol.

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