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Steam Summer Sale 2017

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Steam is having their summer sale. Yes, unless you are living under a rock you are already aware of this... lol This post isn't for you. :P It is for those that might not be aware of this and have some serious games on their wishlist and want to knock those down a bit.

On a personal note... I went ahead and gotten the Sims 3 from there. It is on a major sale. You can get, what I assume is the entire collection (for those collectors out there... you know who you are) for just a bit over 100 dollars. The game and the add on / DLC etc are 75 % off. That is HUGE... So if you are in any way interested in this game... I would suggest you go get it while you can.

Also those that have thought or contemplated Witcher III it is also on a very good sale there as well. This is your chance to get an excellently rated game with hundreds and hundreds of awards and nominations for a very good price. Also if you are a collector.. .you might as well pick up the first two as well for a few bucks a piece. Hell get the first two just to support a very good company that actually cares for their customers and are willing to create wonderful games.

Opening this topic up to members to comment on their games they have gotten or great sales they see on Steam during this event. What are you getting? What would you want to get if you could? What is an awesome price for a game that you already got and advise others to get as well?

Lets get our game on!!!! :P

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