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I Love You All


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*~A Lone Silent Hill Air Raid Siren Blares Deafeningly~*

OMG .. I Made It Out Alive!

*No .. I'm just reaching out to you through a shower steam kissed mirror*

I hope it's not to late to see you again.
I thought you might like a whisper from the other side.

I miss Silent Hill.
and I miss you.

I hope you don't mind if I leave some toys here on the bed .. You can play with them if you want to ❤️

*She glances longingly and smiles sweetly as the shadows twist and dance about her and then vanishes into the swirling mists of fairy-tale*

Dedicated to: ~Team Silent~

I've compiled a set of "Must Have" tools and thought that I would make it easier for the new generation of Modders to find them ❤️

These are links to the OFFICIAL website(s).

*Toys laying on the bed* / Tools ~

3DS Max

3DS Max 2013 30 day Free Trial version Windows 64 Bit 2.97 GB


3DS Max 2013 30 day Free Trial Version Windows 32 Bit 2.84 GB




His page outlining new functions -

Used to convert Model Data to OBJ, 3Ds, Blender, Maya, Milkshape. Among MANY more functions!

3D Ripper DX


Used to RIP an Entire 3D Scene from any Game or Emulator that uses Direct X.

*Quick Tutorial*
Close unneeded programs that might be hogging all your RAM.
Start 3DS Max.
Start 3D Ripper DX.
3D Ripper DX runs in the System Tray.
Open the 3D Ripper DX File Menu or Ribbon thing.
File/open/browse to the desired games EXE (not the launcher, but the EXE itself).
You "Inject" 3D Ripper DX into a games EXE (not the launcher, but the EXE itself).
When 3D Ripper DX loads / says that your game is ready, Click play on your games Normal Launcher Shortcut.
You will know that 3D Ripper DX is running properly, becsuse now your normal gameplay HUD has a New pretty neon green border ❤️
Tap the key that you have designated as your screen capture key (in ripper options) and it deposites tne Scene Data of tne area around (for quite a distance too!) the current camera, into your 3D Modeling program!
Open 3DS Max.
Go File/open/browse to the folder structure that you have defind in options. You will see that 3DS Max is able to read and is ready to load your file and ready to show you the area that you have captured!
ALL the Meshes and Textures AND Skeletons and the other standard load features.
Selectively delete the model data that you are not interested in.
Focus on the  model that you want to keep.
Save the model data as your desired format.


*This is an outdated and unsuported program*, so you might have to "Trick" it during the install process (when it is looking for your 3D Modeling program), by creating a fake exe out of a TXT Doc.

You might also be able to alter it to suit your needs :3

My personal opinion:
I LOVE this little program! ❤️
I myself used it with a Playstation Emulator and 2 different online games. Everquest and that Russian one (I can't remeber the name, sorry.), with stunning results ❤️

U-Model - UnrealEngine+

Gildor's Home -

This is a model veiwer / extractor for Unreal Engine games. For example: PS3 DVDs and some Steam Games ❤️
I was like .. YOINK! .. Thank You! ❤️

For All the wonderfull, creative souls that want to learn 3D Modeling .. while you're laying in bed ❤️

And in my great love for all of you, I offer up my very:
~Special Recipes~

~Homemade Perfume~
Take a clean baby food jar.
Fill it with Vodka.
Drop one of you favorite flowers into the baby food jar (with the Vodka).
Cover tightly and place in a cool, dark drawer or cabinet for about 2 (two) weeks.
Now you have your own Scent (or mixture of scents :3), that nobody else will be wearing!
Also makes a great air freshener!

~Homemade Lip Gloss~
1/4 Cup Olive Oil.
1 Tablespoon Jelly / Jam / Fruit Preserves (Any  flavor or combination of flavors that you like!).
In a medium sized saucepan, slowly heat the Olive Oil over a low heat.
When the Olive Oil is warm, add the Jelly / Jam / Fruit Preserves.
Stir slowly until the Jelly / Jam / Fruit Preserves are completely Disolved into the Olive Oil.
Store Lip Gloss in a clean, dry Baby Food Jar or Pretty Crystal Vial. :3

*Special Trick: You can add some Mint Extract for a Tingly Sensation or some Cinnamon Extract for a Hot Sensation* ^.~ ❤️

~BlackForest Brownie Pie~
Make a batch of brownies.
Let cool completely.
Flip the whole pan of brownies out (like a cake), onto a clean tray or plate.
Make Another batch of brownies.
Let cool completely.
Now take a Whole can of Cherry Pie Filling and rubber spatula the Whole can on top of the Brownies still in the pan (or you can put it together in a travel container for Gifting <3).
Finally, flip the first batch of brownies on top of the brownie pie.
Best Served Chilled.
*Or Substitute the cherry pie filling for MarshMallo and have S'more's Brownies ~^.^~*

~Homemade Extracts For Baking~
Take a clean baby food jar.
Fill it with Vodka.
Drop a Cinnamon Stick or 2, or some Mint Leaves, or a Vanilla Bean (from any health food store (the beans may be either squishy or leathery, I've got them both ways)), into the baby food jar (with the Vodka).
*if using a Vanilla Bean, peirce the skin with a knife or fork and the Vodka will Actually Suck the very Meat / Pulp out ❤️
Cover tightly and place in a cool, dark drawer or cabinet for about 2 (two) weeks.
Now you have POWERFULL, All Natural, PURE Extracts.
They add water to that shiz at the store ..

~Mom's Easy Omelettes~
Crack 1 or 2 eggs into a Zip-Lock type baggy.
Add a few pinches of fresh vegitables, deli meat and cheese, crmbled hash browns or Anything you love in an Omelette ❤️

Zip up the bag as you gently squeeze out the air.
Kneed the baggy a bit to mash stuff up.
Drop baggy into a pan of boiling water.
Let boil for 3 or 4 minutes.
.. but ppl like their eggs how ppl like their eggs .. *Shivers*

Carefully take the baggy out of the water and let cool.
That egg is at 212º .. That's Waters boiling temperature ..

Fun for Sleep Overs and Brunches :3

~Peanut Butter 3D Cookies~
1 egg
1 cup peanut butter
1 cup sugar

Mash together in a bowl.
Kneed and kneed and kneed until you get a 'Clay Like'  ball.

Break off balls of dough and shape into animals or sticks or walls or people or .. cookies hehe.
Bake at 350º for 12 to 14 minutes.

let cool for 30 minutes to ensure that they are set.

Much love and many ~Huggz~ to all of you! ❤️

*Note: Feel free to use anything I post, as you see fit, without asking for my permission. I don't own any of this shiz~

*Edited to: Added new recipes :3

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