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Like him or not, he's 100% accurate, so was his previous video titled "videogame discourse", which covered the typical "fanboi" crap we all had to deal with at some point in the past.

You should ask the retards who keep attaching the word "punk" to whatever they found. I guess creating stupid sub-genres makes them feel special somehow. In their small minds this is probably formula:

As I say, you can't fix garbage.

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23 hours ago, Kendo 2 said:

Still a truckload of MEH.


I agree. Nothing has shown me more than Meh... at first it was exciting but it quickly got boring.  Also, I am lucky I am not on a metered internet connection as they constantly have updates of 20+ gigs what seems to be daily!

I haven't went back to it after the first week or two where I put in 87 + hours. I tried to go back for a complete play through but soon just got distracted with other stuff and never went back.

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    • By Kendo 2
      Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship (official whitehouse.gov link)
    • By Kendo 2
      U.S, Senator Josh Hawly (R Missouri) has introduced a new bill which specifically addresses the question of 'big tech' companies like FaceBook, Google and Twitter being either platforms or publishers.  In a nutshell, Twitter claims immunity under Section 230 of the Commutations Decency Act (1996) and they censor users at the same time.  Sen. Hawly proposes that they are either a utility (like AT&T) or they're a publisher; they cannot be both.  The bill also addresses algorithms used by search engines (like Google) that skew search results or otherwise manipulate searches.
      PDF of the Proposed Bill
      Article From FOX News
      Article from CNBC
    • By Kendo 2
      In a nutshell, Tim Berners-Lee (creator of the World Wide Web) is disgusted by it and announces an opensource alternative everyone can use.  He wants people to be able to say 'goodbye' to the titans like FaceBook, Amazon, Twitter and Google.
      Link the FastCompany.com article.
    • By Kendo 2
      The European Commission paid the Dutch firm Ecory for a study on how piracy impacts the sales of copyrighted music, books, video games, and movies.  But the EU never shared the report—possibly because it determined that there is no evidence that piracy is a major problem.
      LINK to the archived Gizmodo Article.
      LINK to the archived original study.
      NOTE: The study is in its original and unedited format.  I included it so there will be no question as to the veracity of the Gizmodo article's claims.
    • By Kendo 2
      It seems Patreon has some new community guidelines.
      Prohibited content now includes; graphic violence, bestiality, incest, rape/non-consensual sex, exploitation of children, and so on.  They are extending these restrictions to art forms, including CGI imagery.  That means video game content, which would fall under "illustrated, animated, and otherwise" from the new guidelines.
      These new guidelines go beyond the 'flagging' system already in place for adult content.  The new prohibited content is just that; prohibited from the Patreon community.  And the process of account suspensions has already started.

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