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Dangerously Nude for Sexlab Aroused Redux

Kendo 2

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Dangerously Nude for Sexlab Aroused Redux

This mod is pretty basic really; if your character is nude and a male NPC is aroused and comments on you being naked (‘You got no clothes, you should get some.’ etc.) they will rape you.  The mod is manual install only.

Details: The mod changes the vanilla quest WICommentsNaked.  Unlike the old Sexlab Dangerously Nude mod that used random percents to control the comments this mod uses Sexlab Arousal factions.  Also, this mod advances the WICommentsNaked quest so NPC will not continuosly repeat their lines.  And the Sexlab scripting is current for version 1.62 and above.  It otherwise performs like Dangerously Nude and IS NOT compatible with that mod.

Skyrim and the Update esm
Sexlab v 1.62 or higher
Sexlab Aroused Redux

Credits: Ashal, fishburger67, Bromm83 and Kendo 2.


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