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Black Friday / Christmas Wish List for 2023


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With the upcoming gift season (Yes, giving yourself a much deserved "gift" counts :P ) I am starting this thread.  The goal of the thread is to mention, discuss and/or even show great sales etc. related to "gift" for the season.

I'll start.

I am really wanting a 4tb M.2 Drive. I am really wanting one so that I can put all my games on one drive and leave the other drives for other task. With the recent drop in prices for M.2 ... solid state drives for that matter, it is a good time to get that M.2 drive you might be looking at. They are getting to a price where almost anyone can get one.

On a side note. For those that have seen Jay2cents videos there is a store in the US called Microcenter. They are doing some pretty bang up jobs with "bundles" memory, processor and I believe motherboards.  If that is something that is along your needs.



If I understand it correctly, we don't have any shortages on processors or GPUs as we have had in the recent past. Likely more than they can sell. Perhaps a reason for the sale.




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