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Regarding Slot 32 (Body) and Slot 52 (unnamed)

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I'm trying to get a further understanding the cause of SOS (slot 52) removing vanilla body armor (slot 32) and vice versa. I know there is a solution in MCM to enable to get both to work, but I'm trying to find an alternative workaround in CK or TES5Edit. It's not just for SOS but for anything that uses slot 52.

I use Aesir Armor and whenever I equip any of the three belts, it will either remove anything in slot 32 such as SOS, panties/thongs/pants (other mods). However, if  I equip either of the two body armors from Aesir Armor that use slot 32, the belt remains on. SOS or anything else in slot 32 will also work with that armor. Vanilla armor that uses slot 32 and trying to wear the belt or SOS will obviously remove the vanilla body armor. This is where I'm a bit confused as to why the body armor from Aesir Armor that uses the same slot 32 as the vanilla armor allows for slot 52 to work and visibly show, but not with the vanilla body armor. I went into TES5Edit and checked to see if the body armor for Aesir Armor was set to a different slot than the vanilla body armor. Nope. It is in fact using slot 32 like the vanilla armor. I also know that SOS can bug out and eventually remove clothes, regardless if you go into SOS MCM and enable it so both slots work in conjunction. Jut for the reconrd, I don't tamper with the male SOS. I just have it enabled and leave all settings as is.

Important to know: I'm using SOS for male and the equipped version for females. However, they both share the same slot 52 regardless.

I'd like to know why one body armor that uses the same slot as the vanilla body armor doesn't allow slot 52 to remain equipped. Does this involve nifskope? Or is this purely through CK? I'm trying to figure out the special trick the mod author did with the body armor for Aesir Armor to be able to get slot 52 to work. I couldn't find anything in nifskope.

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You probably already know all of this but I'm feeling helpful.:P

Open the armor in question in Nifscope; Click on the NiTriShape and find the BSDismemberSkinInstance.  Go down to Partitions.  Look to see if it has multiple partitions (like a nude body would) and if it does make sure none of them are flagged with SBP_52_MOD_PELVIS_SECONDARY.  If there is a partition flagged then change it to something the armor already has, like SBP_32_BODY.  You'll need to check every NiTriShape.  Once that's done open the armor's esp in the CK and find the ArmorAddon for it.  Make sure all the bodyslots flagged match what you have in Nifscope.  THEN check the armor object itself.

EDIT: I just looked at the mod images so I'd start with all the bottles and do-dads around the waist.

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