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LS_Future Beautification Project Part 2

The LadySmoks presents... The Future Beautification Project Part 2

Oasis Landing has been a fashion faux pas for more than a decade. We have all seen it, and cringed. The time has come to fix what EA did. I mean, they made Star Trek fashion look good by comparison, right? So, part 2 of my beautication project is here.

These are 4 Into The Future YA/ A female DEFAULT replacement dresses. EP11, Into The Future is REQUIRED.

Yes, I made a non-default version of the Day Dress a while ago, but I think this one is better... Meaning a bit less fabric was used! All are open bottom mini versions of the EA dresses. All feature my priyatna bottom mesh and soft nipples. All retain characteristics of the EA dresses, including color presets. These dresses do not have teen or elder versions. I will include teen and elder versions with garments that do also have them.

Bones and morphs work well, except the pregnant morphs. They are there, but I unchecked them because they did not move well. You can reselect the option in S3PE, but I wouldn't! There may be some clipping during woohoo, if you are using Kinky World or Passion, and the mod fails to undress the Sim.

I am not done yet! There are still more ITF garments to come. I am also working on default replacements for base game and other EP's.

I hope you like them!!!


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