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So Bethesda can add new scripts if it suits them...

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That makes sense. The game is still supported or being developed now that they have "Creators Club" and need to make some adjustments to get their "customers" the mods they want to make for them. This is likely also going to happen to Fallout 4 as well as any future game that they create and add the Creation Club to it. In a way it won't be much unlike what EA does to Sims 4 when they add a new expansion. Except unlike Sims 4 which has a large fan/mod base (still) it seems that people interested in Skyrim SE and Fallout 4 is just getting tire of this shit and moving elsewhere. Hell there are many on LL that are so fucking tired of all Bethesda's shit and such that they are working on creating their own game to get away from it. ;)

Integrating SKSE64 into the engine will likely add much more stress to very aged system as it is and more importantly open an avenue where dirty, dirty mod authors could get porn into the Xboxes and Playstations of the world. That would likely cause some tension between M$ and $ony. Heaven forbid a penis that can become erect makes it's way into the xbox/playstation version of the game. Evil fucking penis... destroyer of worlds. :P

However, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if they took selective ideas/code from these script extenders and used them to further their Creators Club. I am disappointed that they aren't working with those that have created the script extender and incorporating what they can from the extender into the base game. However, I understand why. That would be too smart in giving their Creation Club creators more tools to actually make interesting and worthwhile mods for the system along side of copying various other ideas. At least people wanted them to copy the script extenders and add it it the base game.

I hope they don't go back as far as Ol'rim, FNV, F03, Oblivion and Morrowwind with this Creators Club "thing". If so they will likely fuck up those script extenders as well adding "features" to games that have been out for years and years. However, that being said they can "second edition" the fuck out of whatever they want of those games as far as I am concerned.

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Glad I don't tolerate it. Even with their roll back .exe I just would never support this. And if I was part of the script extender team, I'd opt out of supporting both FO4 and SSE.

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11 minutes ago, endgameaddiction said:

Glad I don't tolerate it. Even with their roll back .exe I just would never support this. And if I was part of the script extender team, I'd opt out of supporting both FO4 and SSE.

Fortunately you don't have to ;)

I feel for those still working on the script extender. It is needed to make these games worthwhile in most of our opinions and without it the game is far worse than with it. I admire them for taking on these games, games that have changed so much from what most of us here have known and loved (Fallout 3 and NV)

I keep on hoping that if they continue their progress that eventually they will have the tools created far enough along that mod authors can make those games bearable. Perhaps when the game is 5~8 dollars (complete) to boot. (about the price of the enjoyment I have gotten out of those games since I gotten them compared to the hours played on the older games ;)

So yes, even though I am not playing those games and have no intention to in any near future, I still admire their work and appreciate their efforts and having the game go tits up due to Bethesda has got to really suck, bad. WE don't have to deal with any part of those games but those working on the script extenders for those games, have to, or at least are feeling like they do. So many people depend on them and they are under so much pressure.

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