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Fallout 4 Parody

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    • By ritualclarity
      Apparently Fallout 4 has a High Resolution Texture pack that has been out for a but of time and I wasn't aware of it. 
      So I am checking it out and downloading it... or more to the point... using up 4 weeks of bandwidth to download it. It is showing up as 55.1 gb from what I can see (unless there is a massive unknown update included in the game which shouldn't be the case since I have no restrictions to updates to this game due to my not using it) 
      I am wondering if it is going to be the quality of Skyrim Texture pack. That is a little improvement for a massive FPS drop due to not being optimized and I'd need to download all sorts of added textures and such to overwrite this to get any level of performance/quality added to my game. 
      If anyone has it installed and can give some reviews on this please feel free to comment.
    • By ritualclarity
      Even if you don't like the game... you might find this video funny if you did play the game for any length of time
    • By ritualclarity
      This is about Witcher III. It is awesome. What is also awesome is some of the Parodies that come up from video clips put together. Below is one such video.
    • By patksunho
      Travel for 10 minutes...............