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K2 Girlie Girl Vault Babe for Type3


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K2 Girlie Girl Vault Babe for Type3

Girlie Girl Vault Babe for Type3

Adds seven outfits and one addon gun belt. FO3 Resource.

To get the items coc 11K2GGVault. They are in the dresser in front of you. The container respawns every three days. FastTravel to get out of the cell.

I have included a VERY OPTIONAL esp, adding the outfits to a few of the tutorial NPCs and foot locker containing the gear. The locker is located at the foot of the bed where Amata wakes you up.

The optional esp makes changes to the tutorial cell Vault101d and relevant NPCs. It is purely optional and NOT required to get the items, so you have no reason to complain about it. If you don't like it, DONT USE IT. Moaning and groaning posts about this optional esp will be ignored. If you choose to use this esp you can also access the items by using the coc 11K2GGVault console command.

*To go with the outfits, I highly recommend Humannature66's
Manicured Nails*



dimon99, deacon, Petrovich and me, Kendo 2.

Disclaimer: If you don't like the looks of the mod feel free to move on and not post a comment. The gun belt is meant to be worn with the Bolero outfit only and it WILL clip into the belts of the other models.



The files in this upload are a Fallout 3 resource only and MAY NOT BE USED in any way shape or form FOR FALLOUT NEW VEGAS. This includes, but is not limited to, ESP only patches. Otherwise, feel free to use these resources in your own Fallout 3 mods. No need to ask permission but you must credit dimon99, deacon, Petrovich and me, Kendo 2 since we did all the work.


Kendo 2

Special Note: This mod is currently no longer being updated. I was given permission to upload by K2. -ega


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