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Dawnguard Female Vampire Boots for UPN

Kendo 2

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Dawnguard Female Vampire Boots for UPN

This is just a simple mesh edit and reweight to make the Dawnguard DLC female Vampire Boots fit better on bare legs. It is meant for UNP but it MIGHT work with other body mods.


To install, go to Data\meshes\dlc01\clothes\vampire and look for the files vampirebootsf_0.nif and vampirebootsf_1.nif. If they are present, copy them to make back ups and then install the mod manually. Extract and paste the meshes folder into you Data folder.



This is a freebie. The boots needed fixing IMO so I did it. Feel free to use this in your own mods provided you do not submit my content to Nexus. If you're modding for Nexus you cannot use anything I make. No exceptions.

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