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Companion Idles

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Companion Idles

Companion Idles..... 

Adds idle animations for Boone, Gannon, Cass, Veronica and Raul. The idle animations have been added to FollowplayerDEFAULT and FollowplayerLONG, I've left everything else alone as they're flakey enough as it is and I don't want to mess with them.

What does this do? When companions are following and you stop instead of your follower just standing there dead still staring ahead an idle animation will be played. Mostly it's subtle movements but enough to keep them looking alive. They'll fidget, scratch themselves or whatever. This is compatible with "Companion Sandbox Mode" by Povuholo. 


Drop the Comp_Idles_NV.esp in your data folder and check it off in the laucher.


Uncheck in the launcher, delete the esp.

As with all mods be sure to make a save before installing. It's been tested with a custom companion and Boone, neither exploded so it should be fine. 

Do what you want with it, if you can improve on it then please do. 


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