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Considering to mod for FO3/NV

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As the title says, I am considering to mod for Fallout 3/NV since I much prefer to mod on blender and to be honest, a common comment I get is why I don't mod for Fallout. Shockingly, I never really considered not doing so, just lazy to do it. lol. None the less, as time passes and after many messages as well as the realization of how my works would fit better in a more "modern" universe, I am considering to do some stuff for Fallout. Me modding for Fallout means, I will most likely do some TS content and probably collaborate with someone if it comes down to it.


Anyway, just would like to be pointed to some cute feminine mods such as


- Races(?) Exist? lol

- Eyes

- Hair

- Beautification mods

- Female movement mods

- Other random cuteness mods

- Immersion mods

- Modern (none waste landy locations)

- Lingerie mods (Preferably ones with fullback panties - I know, not popular :p)

- If there is a nice BBB system?

Please do let me know if you guys know anything and I guess modding for FO tips. I get how to do so for Oblivion but not sure on FO3/NV yet. :D


If need an idea of the "look" I want, please refer to this. Maybe my blog gives an idea. Of course, I will do my own search, too.




Thank you ^_^

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I'd check out Kendo2's mods he has here for the textures and such you want to start. There are others I can't go into right now but check through the Nexus for the mods of the month. See a few of them and try them out. FOMM is closest to OBMM if that is what you are currently using. I prefer Mod Organizer for Fallout mods currently. Keeps the data folder nice and clean. The mods are loaded at the time the game is ran. (virtually). If you remove something it is a clean remove no leftovers and no real need to reinstall the game.

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Yea.. get FOMM (from LL)




UIO. (to handle any Hud mods you decide to install)


MCM (Unlike Oblivion you can hit the escape key and enter a menu out of game. or at least I think it isn't available for Oblivion).


If you don't want Kendo I believe these are the closest that you want from Oblivion. However T3 is the most common body style for armors.


If you stick with T3 body there is a body with more "back". I believe you might be able to use Kendo's textures if you like the bigger "back" or maybe Kendo might be kind enough to plump the bump... :)


Don't know where the original or real official "roberts body" is but this is close. If not this Breeze. I believe however this is closest to oblivion



Or for a FOMM installer



Pretty girl stuff






A couple of posing mods (I don't know much about these haven't used them but they are there if you wish for your screen captures)




Some other armors that might inspire you. There isn't anything like what you have for Fallout NV ... well until you make it for FNV.. lol



The tatoos might not be along your style but there is some potential..?


Anyway I haven't used all the mods above and can't be sure if they are comparable with each other. Of course many would overwrite each other. This is however I hope useful for you to browse and see what is what and see if you have some of what you need to be inspired to make changes to the FNV world.







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1 hour ago, endgameaddiction said:


If you make futa stuff for Fallout 3/NV, I assure you not only will I return to Fallout 3/NV, I will die a happy camper. Fallout never had much love for it.

Lots of love of your stuff @happysparkles. Loads of help getting you setup with what you need to be creatively inspired (mods) so all there is to do now is try. :) Your *adoring fan* :P awaits... (fill in *adoring fan* with the multitude of mod users that love your Oblivion stuff and have Fallout NV :P)

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