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Netflix has "released" their Witcher Series...

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I can't find the discussion of the Witcher series from Netflix but.. I know it is around.. in any case. They released it. I was greeted with this "news" as soon as I decided to settle down and see some flicks. Not sure how good it is.. however, from some of the previews and such... doesn't look much like it. Also I personally can't get over the eyes.. They are all kinds of wrong. The character is wrong in my opinion but I might have been able to suspend that.. the eyes though.. It looks like he has a bad case of Jaundice or something.

it  reminds me of all the comic book characters being converted over to movies by people that have no clue about the comics or what makes them so go.  Wasn't until they got their shit together and started making proper movies and linked worlds recently did the movies actually become worthy to watch (with exceptions for some of teh series etc)

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Yeah ok, so I'm replying a ... tad late....  😇


I actually watched the whole thing. Some of the highlights:

  • Triss looks like a 50 year old meth addict.
  • Fringilla is now apparently perpetually constipated. Also has trouble reading the cue card. 😆 (They're intentionally making that poor actress as ugly as possible!)
  • Dryads are now led by some ancient ugly poser from Zerrikania. (They might want to have a little more border control!)
  • Elves are ugly. Also apparently Zerrikanian elves have infiltrated human lands. Got to watch those Zerrikanians elves!! 🤓
  • Humans are ugly. (Except Geralt. But then... he's not really human so does he count?)
  • Yen miraculously can use a sword just as well as Geralt. (Especially ridiculous since a scene before she time stops a bunch of people.)
  • Gold dragons aren't dragons. They're actually 15 meter tall golden emaciated chickens. (If the effects are THAT bad, how about not having the dragon on screen? PLEASE?)

The total end result of all this: I think I'll do a W3 playthrough. Never want to see this stupid series again ever. 🤣

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