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Decline of Gaming


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Willingness to buy the crap and even praise them. Willingness to pay more and more and more for extras and DLCs and lootboxes.. then wondering why the companies keep on dishing out more and more games with more and more of those features and creeping into the game more and more until you have to pay more than the cost of the game just to be able to reasonably play the game.  People keeping on letting the bar be lowered and say.. x but not y.. then when y becomes common state y but not z. The publishers know the general consumer has shit for their brains and weak wills so they just have to pull back a slight bit on this edition but added to the next game.. just move the  line ever so much each year and watch their profits soar

I haven't bought a game (mainstream one) since Fallout 4's disappointment.  I haven't played games much at all shortly afterwards. When I do i play either free Indy games that are good or games from my large library of previously purchased games.  There hasn't been one "have to" game since that time. I am afraid.. there won't be one for quite a very long time from now. :(

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