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Do you guys have any tips on how to get better at fighting games for pc

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Even though some of my favorite games are fighting games & lol yes I'm including fan games,mugen games & hentai games. I admit that sometimes not all the time only sometimes I suck at fighting games for pc. Sometimes I keep using my favorite moves,I keep using my favorite combos,I keep using my favorite specials & I keep using my favorite finishers. As you guys can say sometimes not all the time only sometimes I spam my favorite moves,my favorite combos,my favorite specials & my favorite finishers as 1 of my ways to put pressures on my opponent since sooner or later your opponent will make a mistake & it costs them the match when you keep pressures on then you either caught them off guard or when your opponent slips then you either do moves,combos or specials well you guys can get what I mean.

Yes I know some characters are speed build like 3 of my favorite characters Kasumi,Chun Li & Jun Kazama,some characters are strength build,some characters are balance,some characters are op & some characters are broken or some characters as you guys can say broke the games. Lol yes I know some of us otakus,weebs,gamers,final fantasy fan/huge fans & hentai fans will properly more likely kicked my ass &  sometimes not all the time only sometimes I might get lucky & kicked their ass & yes I'm including any of my friends & any of my family including my parents.

So I'm asking ahead of time for any tips on how to get better at fighting games for pc & yes I know some of fighting games for pc is harder then console versions & handheld versions thanks,thanks for reading,thanks for your time,thanks for your understanding & thanks for your tips ahead of time when it comes down to pc gaming :).

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The last 'fighting game' I played (where combat required skill and planning) was Witcher3.  Some of the grunt fights were challenging and all of the boss fights were really frustrating.  I wasn't getting anywhere until I started taking the game seriously; researching character builds, potions and signs, and watching some Youtube videos.  Then I committed to learning all of the combat moves for dodges, timed attacks, etc.  I stopped 'playing the game' to advance the quest lines and would just reload saves and redo fights until I got my timing down.  Once I got guhd the game was a lot more enjoyable.  So yeah...practice.

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