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Creating ring request

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I'm sure some or most of you are familiar with Zaira's Maria Prostitution mod. There is an item, a ring in the mod called "Friend of bandits". The ring allows Player to walk among foes and hostile creatures without being attacked and enabling Player to communicate with bandits as they are friendly NPCs as long the Player wears it. It could only be purchased at blacksmiths and it serves to a Player who prostitutes herself to be able to do a prostitution among bandits. I would really love to have that type of ring. I'm not having CK and do not know how it works too. I would truly appreciate if someone would be willing to create it for me. Thanks.

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If I ever get around to installing Skyrim, and mods, again I will look into extracting said ring and making it its own mod.   I do believe you can use CK and TESVEdit to do it.    If you are familiar with TESVEdit, watching a tutorial on how to extract items from a mod using it could possibly give you a head start.   I am currently playing just New Vegas, and when I get the urge  Wildstar.  If no one helps you or reply's to this in say a week or two I will install Skyrim and the required mods for Maria Prostitution to see if I can do it for you.

Thought about it while at work.  And I think it will involve the CK anyway since I bet that ring has a script attached to it.

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