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How to Reduce Browser Memory Usage: A Tip for Firefox Users


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This may not be a major concern for people who have a PC/laptop with plenty of memory, but you may still be annoyed by the fact that your browser keeps using more and more memory as long as it stays open and it never seems to give the unused amount back. Here's a useful tip to reduce memory usage for an active browser session by forcing garbage collection etc. Unfortunately it only works for Firefox users.


0. Close all currently opened tabs.
1. Go to about:memory
2. In the Free memory section, click on all three buttons (GC, CC, and Minimize Memory Usage) once.

Also try reducing the "Content Process Limit" to 6 or 4, which is 8 by default (in Options -> Performance section).


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How many processes do you guys see when you look at the Details tab on the Task Manager on your PC/laptop while you're not running any programs? Just count the lines. Is it below or above 30? What about the running services (services.msc)? Is it around 40 or way more than that? Not related to this topic, but I'm just curious if you've done any optimizations to your Windows or you're running it as it was originally configured.

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