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UNP JIGGLE Dragonscale Armor by Kendo 2

Kendo 2

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UNP JIGGLE Dragonscale Armor by Kendo 2

What is it?

Another super skimpy armor set for UNP JIGGLE.
Get it here: UNP JIGGLE BY KENDO 2


The HDT High Heels System is required for this mod!


The armor, boots, gauntlets and circlet can be crafted and improved under the Dragonscale category at the forge or blacksmith’s table.


The circlet and armor do not provide as much armor protection as their vanilla counterparts. They cover less so why would they? They also require fewer materials. The reshaped boots and gauntlets provide full Dragonscale level protection.


If you want alternate Dragonscale boots check out my HDT High Heeled Boots mod.


Nothing much else to say.


The mod comes as is. I am not taking requests or making any changes.


dimon99 to UNP
Kendo 2 for everything else.


Not a resource at this time. No conversions for CBBE/OutfitStudio/BodySlide allowed. Nothing I make may be hosted at Nexus.

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