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LS_FemmeBot M5-AX-8 Head

The LadySmoks Boutique in collaboration with the Super Secret Mad Science Division of Landgraab Industries presents... The M5-AX Head!

The M5-AX Head is designed for newer "skin job" FemmeBots, however, as many FemmeBot bodies are textured from the neck seam down, this head will also work on most older models. As the M-CEKC model has a neckline, a new AX version is being built.

This head is found in Plumbot CAS Heads, as are other bot heads. Note: This head is NOT painted!!! This head, and the new FemmeBot "skin job" bodies use Sim CAS skin textures, like a regular Sim. This head has no eyebrows. You can choose the eyebrows in Sim CAS. DO NOT change the hair in Sim CAS!!! The bot head will be gone and you have hair with no face! You can apply make up to this new head, including costume make up, replacement eyes and other facial overlays like freckles and beauty marks. S-Club eyelashes strongly recommended, as FemmeBot heads no longer have built in eyelashes.

There are links to S-Club eyelashes and OneEuroMutt Sliders on the Bot Blog Page. This model will eventually be added to the blog page.

One defect that I found, is matching the seam at the face/ scalp line. I will continue to search for an answer, but saw no reason to hold this up any longer. So, bald M5-AX Head does not look so good.

Included in the zip, is a scalp overlay. This overlay is for FemmeBot M5-AX Heads ONLY! I try to match FemmeBot hair seams to cover the scalp, but stuff happens. Several painted heads have a scalp hair option for this reason. M5-AX is not painted, and as overlays work, that is what I did.

The overlay is found in Sim CAS Costume Make Up, and is recolorable to match your chosen bot hair color.

I hope you enjoy!!!


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