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[Sims 4] Kendo 2's UR NAKED

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[Sims 4] Kendo 2's UR NAKED

What this does:
Basically this allows you to play as if you were naked no matter the situation. If you ever wanted to be naked at a formal party wearing nothing but long gloves, stockings and high heels now you can.
Adds a naked top and bottom for female Young Adults, Adults and Elders for each base outfit category; Everyday, Formal, Party, Sleep, Swimming, and Witches. Occult category Aliens and Humans are supported. Pretty much any female Sims can be naked at any time.


None as I see it other than you might get duplicates if you use another mod that adds invisible clothing.


Sims not supported:
Children (either sex), Teens (either sex), Males (Young Adult, Adult, Elders). Children is obvious (they are minors), Teen Sims are classified as being between the ages of 12 and 17 (still minors), and I couldn’t get the male version of the upper body to work so I disabled everything for them.


Just drop the package file into C:\Users'your name'\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods. When the game loads it should display as a non-scripted mod if you bother to look for it.


Do not direct link the files.  Do not upload my content to other sites.
You may not use my content as part of compilations, place it behind pay walls, or do anything else crooked.
EA ‘Et al’ and you the downloader have no vetted interest in this content.

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