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SexLab Demon Quest BETA


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SexLab Demon Quest BETA

SexLab Demon Quest is a work in progress mod that when complete will allow the player become a succubus, incubus or a siren through in-game quests. During beta the player can become anyone of the demons through the MCM menu. Once v1.0.0 is released this functionality will be removed and the player will only be able to become one through a quest. For now the succubus is the only demon playable.


The succubus:

  • Each game hour satiation ticks down -1 while in succubus form and -5 while in human form.
  • A succubus in her true form will be attacked on sight, this can be avoided by transforming into a human appearance.  NPCs can be enthralled and always remain passive towards the player.
  • Succubus can only feed from males but can enthrall both sexes.
  • The succubus' major weakness is wearing clothing and armor. Each piece of armor causes a cumulative amount of health damage with clothing causing the least and heavy armor causing the most. Run speed is effected as well.
  • More to come.

The incubus:

  • I haven't tackle this one yet. I am accepting ideas in the support thread.


  • A long ways off. Hopefully I wont be :burnt:out by the time I get to it.




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