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LS_FemmeBot Yukari [Kuroyu]

LadySmoks and The Super Secret Mad Science Division of Landgaab Industries presents... FemmeBot Yukari!!!

Yukari is a conversion of one of the MMD bots, created by Kuroyu, and available thru DeviantArt website. I am working on others, but as these are a rather high polycount, it's been difficult reducing them to levels that will work in TS3 and maintaining appearance.

Yukari has a head and body that are a bit different from other FemmeBot models, so they are really not interchangeable. Yukari's hair can work with other FemmeBot heads, and her headgear is an accessory, found in Sim CAS Accessories Armbands. The headgear is converted to basegame, and can be used for other bots, AND regular Sims if you wish. It uses the aWT hat sliders for a bit of adjustment if desired... here.

NOTE: Yukari's head and face are static. Nothing moves. Eyes do not blink, mouth does not open and close when she speaks. As you see, this head is completely different from a Sim head, so I was not able to properly transfer bone structure to get things to work with the EA rig. It's possible that I will work on this in the future, but for now, the head is static.

There is a head, one piece body, hair and headgear accy, 4 packages, in one zip file. All parts come in one preset with CAS thumbnail, and are recolorable.

As with all FemmeBots, Yukari is assembled in the EP11 bot station, so that EP is required. She is a one piece design, and No Bottom option is required. For the sexbot chip, you need Oniki's Kinky World mod. I use sliders to get the appearance of my Yukari. Links to sliders I use can be found on the original FemmeBot page, here

The model as shown is my demo model, and I will not be uploading her as a premade.


I hope you like her!!!


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