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Witcher 3: Set Up Debug Console Without Mods!

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A few months ago I embarked on a wonderful experience playing Witcher 3. The only issue is I am not the best gamer under most situations and with Witcher 3's complex environment, lore and backstories not to mention the way the leveling is done in the game (Proper leveling... you can walk into a creature or event way above your level if you aren't careful. Only warning is some graphics that basically let you know you are going to get your ass handed to you if you aren't very careful, lucky, skilled or more likely all three in spades. :) 

I tried to install the mods. I had serious issues. I am using the Origin version. It is way more complex than the "other company's" mod set ups. It requires some added work. Anyway I love the graphics, settings, quest (which have a shit ton of side quest that can take days of work to complete... something the "other company" should be looking at ;)  yes looking at you Bethesda! ) among the character development, A.I... Basically out of the box the game is terrific no need to make major changes at least not until I have 1000 or more hours in the game. 

Well back to me getting my ass handed to me on a regular basis. It takes fair amount of time to really gain the skills necessary to time the hits and learn the equipment and tricks to take down those NPC/Creatures that are well above your level. It can be done but takes time. Not a button masher game. It is A REAL RPG! 

Well I then learned how to set up the Debug Console and then it is just a matter of collecting the various commands I wish to use to help my game play and not have to play 8 hours on the same quest because I keep getting my ass handed to me. :sweat:

The set up is easy...


The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\config\base directory

open the General.ini file and copy-paste the following under the [General] line :


Save the file and you're done.




Hope this helps those that want to just get some simple assistance and love the game as it is currently is and not looking into having to install various mods.

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