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2016 A Year in Review

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2016 A Year in Review:


What important things happened to you? What major news have you come across during the year that you think will make the history books? It can be on any subject even important things for you and your life.

As for me a few newsworthy things are:

  • The instance at a Cincinnati Zoo when a child managed to get past the "secure" section of the zoo and fall into the gorilla enclosure O.o As a result they shot and killed a gorilla.
  • Deaths:
    • Muhammad Ali
    • Arnold Palmer
    • Carrie Fisher, followed very quickly by her mom Debbie Reynolds
    • David Bowie
    • Prince
    • George Michael (like Prince was a major surprise)
    • George Martin
    • Fedel Castro. (Wonder what that will change in Cuba. Will it be a good or bad? )

As for personal...

I joined :blush02:


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well, regarding myself...  besides joining NSFWmods as everybody here...  i finally moved and went to live by myself :blush02: eventually getting rid of my father, his rules, his hatred for anything i did, and all that stuff !!  this (probably) won't change history but certainly changed my life !!  :drunk:

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