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MedBod Compilation by JoshQ


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MedBod Compilation by JoshQ

  • This CC is offered completely free
  • You’re allowed to modify it in any way, shape or form imaginable; asking me for permission is not necessary
  • I don’t take requests nor commissions


Originally known as “Medieval Naked Body for The Sims 3” and converted into a top and bottom with added tits from CmarNYC’s top and modified tush and calves. The result is a “meatier”, more toned body compared to the original that retains the same functionality (more or less).

In terms of compatibility you can use custom skins, 3d and texture accessories and shoes (from EA, me and anyone else) without problems, maybe with a little clipping on some 3D chokers/necklaces in the base of the neck. Default and custom body sliders work (except for Cmar’s nipple size sliders), discoloration below the boobs will show if you go down on both breast size and weight sliders and also on extremely muscular femsims so around 80-90% of body-types are covered. For those that uses skins with nipples on a different position or that just don’t wan 3D nipples there’s a “Barbie boobs” version available.

When mixing apparel made for MedBod with tops and bottoms created by EA or other people you’ll find a gap on the hip, that’s because MedBod differs on shape on that area. Some clothes can conceal this gap so you’ll need to experiment as seen on the screen above.

I tested the body with several animation packs, the bottom-line is they worked and I didn’t saw anything too weird. What I did noticed is some clipping courtesy of MedBod’s generous derriere and wider upper-torso and back, it’s expected because the animations were made with the default body proportions in mind. Bimbo sims take precautions.

Two things you won’t find are a default replacement and a version for male sims. The former is because I just don’t know how to do it, even after following some tutorials; as for the later, the male body from Sims Medieval has completely different UV coordinates on shoulders and neck, it needs someone with knowledge and patience to fix it.

Details for top and bottom:

  • Base game compatible
  • For young adult and adult females
  • Enabled for naked, everyday, sleepwear, formalwear, swimwear, athletic, career and validformaternity
  • Disabled for random sims
  • Polycount for top: around 3000; bottom: 1088
  • All morphs included

Zip contents*:

  • Clothing pack for MedBod
  • Fusion stockings
  • Sexy Rabbit
  • Simple Lingerie n03
  • Swimgear and Lingerie adapted for MedBod

*Thumbnails are included inside the .zip so you can distinguish each



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