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Everybody Loves Dovahkiin

~*~ Everybody Loves Dovahkiin ~*~
~*~ Skyrim Legendary Edition ~*~

Requires Mod Configuration Menu (MCM).

Here's a Working copy of Everybody Loves Dovahkiin.

To use this mod, you access it from the Mod Configuration Menu (MCM).

You First have to 'Activate' the mod, from within MCM, then back out of all menues (go back to gameplay), Then the full options will be available within MCM.

Very Powerfull Mod.

You can make ANY NPC, And ANY CREATURE a Follower, And be able to Marry them.

Yes, You read that corectly .. You can use this mod to marry a Dragon, or a Frost troll .. Any NPC.

To make a Hostile creature a follower .. or marriage candidate, you first have to SNEAK up behind them and 'Talk' to them (While in Sneak Mode), To get them as a follower.

Once they are a follower, they are no longer hostile and can then be married.


I am NOT Responsible for corrupted save files.
Though I have Personaly used this mod extensively and never had any problems.

Maybe if we are lucky, some kind hearted modder will convert this to SE/AE.

Much love and many hugs to all of you!
oxoxo ❤️

p.s. I did not create this mod.
It is Extremely Rare.
That's why I am posting it here, because I have seen Many posts all over the net looking for it.


Please refer to the enclosed screenshots for usage images.


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