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LadySmoks presents... FemmeCop! Those crazies at Landgraab Industries, "Super Secret Mad Science Division" have done it again!!!

FemmeCop is my take on the female Robocop character. As with all FemmeBots, she is a true Plumbot, and requires EP11, Into The Future, and is assembled in the bot station.

FemmeCop comes in 4 parts, found in Plumbot CAS. Her chassis is found in "Body", and has 2 versions with 4 recolorable channels. V1 combines shine and flat, while V2 is all flat tones. No Bottom is required!

Her face is found in "Heads". It is very different from other FemmeBot heads, as it is just the face and neck, with no scalp. It is based on the M5 head, which uses Sim CAS skins as texture, and tones are chosen there. Like all of the newer "skinjob" heads, 

To match the Robocop mechanical skull, the part is found in "Arms" section, which I use for FemmeBot hairs. It has 1 preset, with 4 recolorable channels.

Also found in "Arms" section, is her helmet. It comes in to versions that are color matched to the chassis, with 4 recolorable channels. This was a bone paint experiment, and seems to work well. It is painted to match up to, and move with the chassis neck, while also using "Hat Grip" sliders to make small adjustments should you choose to do so.

Note: All standard heads will work on this chassis, as will standard hairs. Hairs may not look good if used with the FemmeCop face, however.

I hope you like her!!!


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