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LS_Club Chic Minis

LadySmoks presents... Club Chic... open bottom minis for adult and teen female Sims!!!

I have been doing some experimenting with default replacements. Thing is, all females, teen thru elder, will use the same textures, and texture reference numbers... So? Well, that means I must do tf thru ef at one shot. Club Chic is only for YA/A, so easier for what is basically BETA testing as a default replacement. 

So, yes, this is a default replacement for the YA/A EP3 skirt, so that EP is REQUIRED for the skirt to show in your game. But, as a small bonus, I also converted the skirt to teen, as a basegame piece! 

The only issue I have had with my default replacements, has been that if the Sim is a pre-existing, EA made Sim (does not seem to matter from whichever EP, or base game), the mesh will show, but the EA textures get used for some reason, that I still have not figured out.


NOTE: This teen skirt is a true teen conversion with a new mesh, not just the af skirt recategorized as tf!!!

Boots pictured are also a true teen conversion of the Yennefer boots that I uploaded, and resized to fit teen female. They are in a separate download.

Unfortunately, I am still working on the Hello Kitty tops, but hope to have them done soon. (I have heard THAT before!)

I hope to have more for you soon, and that you like these skirts!!!


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