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LS_Future Beautification Project Part 1

LadySmoks presents... The Future Beautification Project... Part 1

I like playing in Oasis Landing, but cringe on arrival, once I see what EA thinks is "future fashion"! So, I decided to do something about it!!! For some time, I have been working on ITF default replacements for female Sims, and am sharing the first two that I think are ready.

NOTE: These are default replacements, and  EP11, Into The Future, is required.

First up is the af Metal Dress. It features an open bottom (DUH!) and a bit of "peek-a-boo(b)" action, and is a bit higher hemline than EA. Aside from that, it retains the basics of the EA dress, including preset color scheme.

Next, is one reason this is taking some time. EA uses the same texture images for teen thru elder. Change one, you must change them all. This is af Suit Ruffles. I know I did a non-default a while ago, but this is a default version, and I think, a little better. Like the Metal Dress, this one is open bottom, shorter hemline but has "soft nips", because they went too far with that "global warming" crap, and now it's a bit "nippy" in the future! OY! 

TheSuit Ruffles has an elder version. My apologies, but I saw Madonna rolling across Kimmel's desk, and for that reason, did not make this a short, open bottom. In fact, it looks pretty much like EA's dress.

WARNING: If you install the af version, you will need to install the elder version as well, because I replaced the default textures and the old EA elder dress won't work with my new textures.

If anyone wants to convert these to base game, go ahead! If anyone wants to make the elder dress, open bottom, again... I have no problem with that! I can give you some help with doing either one. 

I have been working on pretty much all female ITF garments, including shoes and some hairs, as well as default replacements for a few other things. Work goes slow, but I hope to get more ready soon.

I hope you like them!!!


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