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K2 Girlie Girl Merc Outfits for Type3


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K2 Girlie Girl Merc Outfits for Type3

Girlie Girl Merc Outfits for Type3

Adds two variations of the female Merc Charmer and Adventurer outfits custom fitted for Type3 BERRYHD. Also contains BERRYHD vanilla replacers for those outfits.

YES, I know these outfits have been done for Type3. Well they haven't been done by me and specifically fitted to the sexy BERRY HD body. THAT is what this mod does. I have remodeled the outfit meshes to follow the form and shape of the body, making them FIT. Your girl wont look like bag a wet mice wearing these outfits.

Both the Charmer and Adventure oufits have two variations. Look at the screenshots. I refitted the boots and made them elevators and I have done everything I can to make these so-so vanilla outfits banging hot.

Also, there is an optional download for custom fitted BERRYHD replacers. I gave them the same treatment as the custom versions without taking a bunch of artistic liberties. They look like they should, only better.

You can find the outfits inside Lock and Load, in Paradise Falls. They are to the left of the front door in a footlocker on top of the planter. The container is set to respawn every three days.



dimon99, Luchaire (I used TypeV meshes as a weighting reference on the Charmer skirt in Blender), Exeter for his BaseHD version of the Adventure top, my good friend Humannature66 for allowing me to use his Manicured Nails meshes, and me, Kendo 2.


The files in this upload are a Fallout 3 resource only and MAY NOT BE USED in any way shape or form FOR FALLOUT NEW VEGAS. This includes, but is not limited to, ESP only patches. Otherwise, feel free to use these resources in your own Fallout 3 mods. No need to ask permission but you must credit dimon99, Luchaire, Exeter and me, Kendo 2 since we did all the work.

HumanNature66's Manicured Nails meshes are not resource material and cannot be used without his consent.


Kendo 2

Special Note: This mod is currently no longer being updated. I was given permission to upload by K2. -ega




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