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Kendos Raider Armors for Type3 & Breezes


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Kendos Raider Armors for Type3 & Breezes

Kendos Raider Armors for Type3 & Breezes

Custom fitted Raider Armors for Type3 BERRYHD and Breeze Males. Playable FO3 Resource.

Most people will look at this mod and think it is not a big deal. There are replacers already available, and that is very true. These are my personal replacers, not made for upload fodder. I was never 100% happy with the Type3 and Breeze Male Raider replacers so I fixed them for my own game. These are the updated meshes, a tweaked texture and an optional esp, packaged for gameplay. Those of you who know my work you will want to download this. For everyone else...meh, I really don't care one way or another.

All the nifs have been redone and fitted to the body mods. The armors now follow the shapes and contours of the bodies. I have also made the following changes:
Raider Armor 01 'Painspike'
New glove meshes for both sexes. The bandaged parts of the outfits have been removed in favor of a more unified and 'hard' look. I have also balanced the look of the armor to my personal tastes. It's badass.
Raider Armor 02 'Sadist'
Removed the severed hands from the belt. I never liked them.
Raider Armor 03 'Badlands'
The female version now uses the meshes from the Girlie-Girl Badlands mod. Those files are as good as they get for Type3 and there was no need to rework them again. The female version also has a new glove mesh. The male model now has matching boots.
Raider Armor 04 'Blaster'
My least favorite of the Raider armors, they received the least amount of attention. They are simply fitted to the body models so everything is correct. The male version now has toes instead of paddle feet inside the sandals.

The texture is for the female Raider03 'Badlands' armor. It is a fix to remove the visible gaps in the outfit. The esp repaths the male Raider01 Painspike gloves to the original folder, removing the Wasteland03 male glove reference and replacing it with one meant for Raiders, not Slavers. If you don't want to use the textures or the esp, just don't install them. It won't affect anything. You just won't get my textures or gloves.


Credits: Dimon99, Breeze and me, Kendo 2.


Feel free to use these files in your own Fallout 3 mods. No need to ask for permission, but you must credit dimon99, Breeze and me, Kendo 2.
This mod is Fallout 3 content and is not to be used in any way shape or form for Fallout New Vegas. This includes, but is not limited to, ESP only patches.


Kendo 2

Special Note: This mod is currently no longer being updated. I was given permission to upload by K2. -ega




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