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Type N Body Replacer

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Type N Body Replacer

Type N Body Replacer

This body is a based on Luchaire's Type V with three distinct differences:

  • Narrow shoulders common to Type 3 have been added.
  • Now uses the BnB "bouncy girl" animations and skeleton.
  • Uses smaller hands for girls instead of vanilla gorilla hands.

Armor conversions for:

  • Vanilla FONV
  • Vanilla FO3
  • All FONV DLCs
  • All FO3 DLCs
Installation for FO3/FONV/TTW

A FOMOD script handles the dirty business! 👹

  1. Pick which type of install: FO3, FONV DLC, FONV TTW or plain old FONV.
  2. Choose a "down there" texture.


Important Caveat
  • The esp's modify a few vanilla outfits! You'll want to use FONVEdit or FO3Edit to resolve any conflicts!

Quickie FAQ

  • TTW!? I don't use that!!
    Doesn't matter, you can still use this with standard FONV.
  • BnB!? Does this mean most vanilla outfits are topless??
     NO! I tried to keep to the original intent for existing clothing. I did take a little creative license on a few outfits but nothing is crazy. (Well, OK, half the vanilla outfits were crazy... 🙃) At any rate, you're not going to encounter old women with girls hanging out. (At least, I don't think so... 😬)
  • Are outfits crazy bouncy like the standard BnB!?
    No! The "without apparel" body has a reasonable amount of jiggly. Outfits reduce this to varying levels from fairly jiggly (skimpy clothing) to not at all (armor).
  • Do I need anything from BnB for this to work!?
    No! Everything needed for operation is included in the download.
  • I have some super cool Type3 body textures. Will they work with Type N?
    Yes! Body textures for Type N are compatible with Type 3 textures.
  • TTW support? Will this work with FO3 then?
    In fact, it should if you don't use the esp. What I'm not sure about are the animations. (Currently anyway!)

Other Type N Conversions:


Change Log
  • 2.50 - Removed unnecessary alpha channel from ghoulette textures. (Was reportedly causing some issues.)
  • 2.49 - Raider Outfit 4 Fix, Marked Men NCR Fix, Pitt Slave Rags Fix, New 3rd Legion Slave Outfit


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