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Skin 'Ephemera Fresh', seamless EDIT


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Skin 'Ephemera Fresh', seamless EDIT


  • Base game compatible
  • Non-default skin
  • For teen, young adult, adult and elder(?) male and females
  • 2k textures
  • Only available as .package


  • The original skin has some visible lines on the seams you can see them on ribcage, arms, hands, fingers, ankle and feet
  • To hide them as much as possible I used the texture brushes from Blender, initially I wanted to use Photoshop but its 3D interface sucks
  • The original texture has compression artifacts and banding so I used ESRGAN to clean them sadly that partially removed some details like pores, spots, wrinkles and hair; is not as bad as it sounds (see pics) and probably you will only notice it if you use a HD mod
  • I cleared the nipples on the female skin and the male version has some imperfections on the fingers because there’s very little space for the brush to do its job
  • Finally the skin has extra ramps from Navetsea


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